Teen Goes Head to Head with Goat

Published January 18, 2018 2,927 Plays

Rumble We've heard of Man vs. Nature, but Man vs. Goat? There are some fights human just weren't meant to win. Apparently goats is one of them. 

This teen wants to go head to head with a goat. Literally! 

The smartest thing about this bonehead is that he has the foresight to wear a hard hat. Head-butting is risky for the everyday man, but up against a goat? Goats are seasoned head-butting professionals. While it may seem dangerous to us humans, head-butting is just a natural part of goat behavior. It's used both as a way for goats to play with one another and as a means of protection. Some goats will also use head-butting as a means to gain affection or attention. 

Is it really any surprise then that this fame hungry goat is ready for a fight? He's probably just hamming it up for the camera. "Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup." And he certainly isn't about to be upstaged by this neon-wearing teenager. But the teen won't give up so easily. While the goat leaps toward victory, the teen tries to do the same. The goat probably took a page out of these goats' playbook. 

But who will be the winner? The goat? Or the teen? 

Unfortunately for the teenager, this goat knows what he's doing. While the boy tries to head-butt the goat, it seems more like he's snuggling the goat's face. While it's cute, it's not enough to make him a champion. With a couple more decisive blows, the teen bows out of the fight. 

In fact, he seems to turn tail and run. At least he's not a sore loser. 

With the boy gone, the goat turns to look at everyone else. It seems like he's looking for other challengers. But after that display of skill, we certainly aren't likely to pick a fight.