Who Knew That Blowing Bubbles In Slow Motion Could Be So Satisfying

Published May 19, 2018 5,439 Views $0.54 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsIt was probably one of the activities we all loved to do as children. Whether it was from a tiny bottle that could hold no more than an ounce and a half of fluid, or one of those huge bubble makers that you dipped in a laundry tub and created those massive bubbles that could easily fit a small child inside, blowing soap bubbles is the safest, coolest, most magical science experiment. Of course, we didn’t care about water tension back then. We just wanted to watch the colors swirl on the surface and catch them bubbles without bursting them. Such fun!

Nowadays there are tons of recipes for a concoction that makes long lasting, big and durable bubbles. Anyone can make them, they are that easy! But if you just grab yourself one bottle of bubble fluid off the shelf and turn your camera on slow-motion, you too will be able to capture footage as stunning as this one!

Now, with smartphones, it really isn’t that slow to begin with, since the newest, most advanced of them go only as slow as 960 frames per minute. If you really want to capture how the bubble creates from the wand and the rainbow swirls that travel all along its surface, you need a high speed camera! Like the one Paul Bryan used to capture this magical footage in staggering 1500 frames per second! That is so mesmerizing?!