Watching Bubbles Freeze At -14 Fahrenheit Is Mesmerizing

Zedscience Published January 2, 2018 7,582 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsIf you blow soap bubbles in freezing cold weather, amazing crystals of ice form on their surface as the water is between two thin layers of soapy film, starting at the bottom and expanding upwards until the entire bubble is covered. The crystal formations start like tiny snowflakes that gradually grow into bigger, magnificent creations.

The period of winter is amazing because we see layers of fluffy white snow covering the ground under our feet that look like big marshmallows. This magical moment was filmed in January 2018 in Red Deer in Canada. Such a pleasing sight it is to see the incredible progression of ice crystals forming and swirling around in the soap bubble as it freezes.

It takes Zed a few tries to get his bubble completely frozen before bursting, but the strong winds made it look almost impossible to achieve. This wouldn’t have been a science video if our scientist didn’t make every possible attempt to get it right!

The experiment might not have been a total success, but watching every single one of those fragile things freeze over and then pop like ornaments made out of fine glass was magical!

Check out how cool it looks when these bubbles freeze over during a wicked cold snap in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Amazing!