Jealous Puppy Tries To Steal Owner’s Attention From Newborn Baby

Published May 17, 2018 36,874 Plays $64.95 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis puppy is trying really hard to get some attention from his owner. The baby seems to be stealing the spotlight, but the puppy refuses to give up his right to cuddle! It is hilarious to see that this obsessive pooch is extremely jealous of the new family member and would do anything to attract owner’s attention. Cuteness overload!

Usually dogs love little children, like playing and wandering around with them. Because of this fact you may think that it is easy to have a baby and a dog at the same time, but this video shows the matter from a whole different angle.

Watching this adorable footage, it is obvious that the little pooch is extremely jealous of the little baby and does not want to share owner’s attention with it. Poor guy, imagine loosing all that affection and love over a small new living thing that has become part of your family! All that love and attention was meant for you and now someone else steals the show. Simply, unacceptable!

This man is trying his best to split his attention both to the baby and his jealous pooch. He is rocking the baby in his arms, while giving comforting scratches to the dog. It isn’t hard to tell that this little pooch is green with envy and would do anything in its power to get more attention from owner! When you see them pets fighting to get your attention, you know that you really own them, like is the case with this overly affectionate pooch demanding constant love from owner! Hilarious!