Hungry Husky Puppies Clear Their Plate In An Eyeblink

Published May 17, 2018 1,475 Plays $1.80 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you were shown this video without knowing anything about young Husky pups, your immediate reaction would be anger. You would think that the owners of these fluff-balls are torturing the poor little creatures with hunger. And you would be mistaken dearly!

Husky pups are born with a gargantuan appetite. If there ever was a picture next to a dictionary entry, the picture of a Husky pup would forever mark the word “hungry”.

Siberian Huskies are one of the most ancient canine races. As the very name implies, they were bread in the Siberian tundra for the purpose of pulling a hunter’s sled. Being sled dogs, they need to run and are inclined to make a break for it. A Siberian is an excellent hiking and trail running dog, especially for someone who lives in the mountains. They are one of the most resilient and active dog breeds and that energy needs to come from somewhere.

Husky lovers know that everything served on the doggy plate would not only disappear in an eye-blink, but you should also mind your trash can, fridge, or other “food sources” when your pal starts to feel the munches. Now, add to this the needs of a growing Husky pup and the competition for food that naturally occurs when more than one muzzle dips the doggy bowl. The result is this video of a bunch of ravenous Husky pups clearing the plate in an eye blink.