Hungry Saint Bernard Argues With Owner Over Loaf Of Bread

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Published: March 1, 2018

A hilarious video has emerged showing a large Saint Bernard dog named Bear refusing to be on a diet and impulsively begging owner to serve her with her freshly baked bread. Watch how this spoiled pooch protests during dinner and throws angry temper tantrum at his owner!

It is really hard to describe the smell of a freshly baked bread. The easiest option would be to say that it smells amazing, but it’s much more than that. Warm, baked bread smells like home, smells like memories of your mom baking it every Sunday morning and leaving it on the kitchen counter to cool.

It can sometimes even smell like your siblings’ bickering over who gets the first piece and the bittersweet tears you shed whenever you eat the last morsel of it. This magic culinary oeuvre d’art smells like snippets of conversations with your grandma when you were four years old and she was teaching you how to prepare it. Essentially, warm bread smells like family and the sense of belonging.

So it comes as no surprise that Bear, the Saint Bernard, would beg and plead with her owner for just one bite. The gentle giant is absolutely fascinated with her owner’s invention and is willing to engage in an endless argument with owner only to get a piece of it. Unfortunately for Bear, her mom won’t even let her near it.

The stubborn pooch is pounding over something she cannot have. Watch as she throws the sweetest temper tantrum at owner, continuously trying to prove her point and get her way! Don’t worry, her owner is just being the greatest mom ever looking after her baby’s health because the bread was just taken out of the oven and it was cooling down. The doggo would get her chance to eat it as soon as it’s ready and hopefully won’t eat the whole thing. Absolutely adorable!

It is hilarious how this hungry dog throws an overly dramatic temper tantrum for which she might win an oscar! She wants the treats and just hearing the word "NO" sets her off into a complete hilarious meltdown, losing it on her owner when she doesn't get her way!

Footage shows the stubborn dog refusing to quit whining, demanding to get a bite of the freshly baked bread cooling in the oven. Watch the epic temper tantrum this dog throws at owner after being denied what she wants. She has a hard time coming to terms with the diet and persistently begs owner to present her with goodies!

In this adorable footage, she throws some nasty temper tantrum at the owner, complaining about the diet. It is funny to try and translate her discontent in the words of ‘Give me some sugar baby! Just a tiny bite of the bread! I am not chubby, why you put me on diet?’ This dog has some serious temper and refuses to eat healthy! She puts some impressive temper, jumping and barking at owner. She is so frustrated that she continuously whines about this stupid diet!

The pooch is obviously upset and starts barking and growling at his owner, refusing to obey. She has a sweet tooth but owner doesn’t understand that! Watching this canine protesting over dinner, whining about her diet, shows that Saint Bernard’s can also be very spoiled and picky about their eats! Bear continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores her owner’s command, stomping her feet in discontent! Cuteness overload!

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  • 2 rumbles
    burger414 · 40 weeks ago

    Now that is a dog I would probably spoil. He is so adorable. Please give him the bread. :-D

    • 2 rumbles
      ErikaMahran · 38 weeks ago

      Thank you! She got the bread.... of course! I cannot resist that face; EVER!