Boy Interrupts His Mom's Workout With A Fart

Published May 14, 2018 15,940 Plays $49.49 earned

Rumble / Funny & Weird β€” Gather round folks, this is one great video bomb footage! If you haven't been blessed to know what it is like to have a young trickster around the house, consider this your crash course: watch as a young woman does her deadlift exercises in front of the camera, while her young son not only video bombs but also gas-shocks his own mom in front of the eyes of the entire world!

We have all been there. You are doing something you really like, grabbing the bits and pieces of alone time and the little rascal is lurking from behind a corner, thinking of devious plans how to prank you, this time. As in the case of the mom in the video above. She was actually pulling some good moves with the kettlebell, which can be quite a difficult piece of equipment to pull around, and mid-exercise she even might have decided, at long last, that she probably ought to start doing this more seriously.

Kids know just how to tease you and push your buttons to drive you over the edge. The woman in this video is doing exercise on her webcam dexterously pulling a kettlebell when her young son walks in and not only finds the time appropriate for a bit of a cuddle but also decides to pull off a stinky one. After that, naturally, the deal is just off! We need some fresh air folks, right away!

Aside from the fact that when someone puts their own body under such a considerable amount of stress like the process of pulling a kettlebell weight, while also squatting and switching their legs (sounds very detailed, we understand, but we have to cover all our grounds here), they need need good, clean, oxygen-rich air, farting in front of someone, even if it is your own mother, is really, really rude! Like, come on! Plus, the kid decided to do this stunt in front of the camera, knowing that eventually the clip will find itself on line for the whole world to see!

No matter how completely natural flatulence is, it has been known to interrupt many a pleasant moments. Sometimes you just can’t help it. When it has to come out, you better let it, otherwise it may go to your head and turn into some really stinky ideas! Sometimes it is funny and cute, but oftentimes it is just plain uncomfortable.

Speaking of times when releasing a fart has been cute and adorable, we have to remind you of the baby that released a fart in front of the family dog. First of all, we have to give credit to Mom for allowing her tiny babe sit with their family dog Max. Dogs can be great friends to babies for so many reasons, but that is not the subject we want to discuss right now. This adorable little duo is just enjoying a little mid-day nap, when all of a sudden the cute little baby lets out a little fart that causes her puppy companion to leave! You won't be able to stop laughing at the adorableness.