Identical Twins Prank Subway Passengers With Time Travel Machine

ImprovEverywherePublished: October 4, 201617,978 views
Published: October 4, 2016

Pranksters have been entertaining people around the globe since practically forever. With the passing of time and the development of technology, pranks have become so elaborate, it can be very easy to fool innocent bystanders. Or is it?

Improv Everywhere, a comedy collective based in New York City has attempted to pull one very elaborate and very public prank during the evening commute in the NYC subway. Their mission was to stage one very elaborate time travel setup using four sets of identical twins.

In the video, originally posted in March 2016, a man is seen walking inside one of the cars in the subway, asking for money to fund his project – a time travel machine. He says he has tried every other crowdfunding platform he could think of with zero success. While most of the commuters look at him like he's some crazy person, one guy gives him some cash, to which the inventor says thanks and retreats, but then a guy and a girl walk into the car and start yelling at people not to give him money for his machine, because he will destroy the future of the world!

Commuters start to laugh, but the pranksters keep on acting. Will they succeed? Keep watching until the end to see who else is involved in this intricate scheme!

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