Daredevil Skier Opens A Beer Can During Mid-Air Backflip

Published May 13, 2018 65 Plays $0.10 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsAmazing footage has emerged of a daredevil skier going to extremes and taking a beer break mid-air. Check out this epic slow motion footage of a skier performing two backflips while opening a beer mid-air. So awesome!

Once you’ve introduced the fun of a ski jump to a kid, they just can’t get enough of it. Snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen don’t seem as near as fun compared to jumping and gliding down the slopes. In this video, we see an experienced skier tackling white slopes perfectly geared up with all the necessary ski equipment.

He climbs a small hill and goes over it with ease while he manages to perform two backflips and continue gliding down the slope. The most adorable moment about this parkour adventure is that the experienced skier opens a beer can mid-air. Can you imagine doing that while you struggle to keep balance during a backflip? It is absolutely amazing! Of course, he passes with flying colors and it is very satisfying to watch! Incredible!

This daredevil skier decided to test out a trick on the ski ramps and have some beer to quench his thirst for the effort. He is obviously beaming with confidence and performs two backflips with flying colors. Fortunately, the entire stunt is filmed in slow motion so that we can see clearly what happens mid-air! This trick had our minds blown! Well done!

Watch as the adventure skier performs two simultaneous backflips without a hitch, opens the can of beer mid-aid and lands smoothly on the slope without losing balance. Incredible skills!

What can be more fun during a winter season than being outside on a slope skiing? It's such a fantastic physical activity that doesn't require too much to learn, especially basic skiing techniques that allow you to go downhill and enjoy the ride safely! But, when you have mastered that, you will probably want to try something more demanding like jumps. If you feel this way, you should take a leaf out of this skier’s book, but be careful not to hurt yourself and good luck!

Credit to @eliaspaldan