This Guy Learned How To Do A Backflip In Less Than 6 Hours

Published July 6, 2017 1,847 Plays $3.55 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleHave you ever had something you always wanted to do or learn to do, but life happens all the time and you just can't get yourself to it? We are overburdened with the obligations and the daily tasks that life throws at us, that we are preoccupied with the free time we have left in a day, or we are just too afraid to change our routines.

Because we live life on the fast lane, some of us keep putting items on our bucket lists. You know, things you wish you will eventually get to do at least once in your life and we hope that they will not end up just as items on a piece of paper. But these guys seem to have found the right direction and we hope that someday we will get to become just like them!

A motivated Justin Kroehler of the Bucket List Boys overcame his fear and learned how to perform a backflip, a feat that he has never been able to do, in under 6 hours. Justin has always wanted to learn how to do a back flip but for years has been told he is too tall. Today he set out to prove that the only thing holding you back in life is your mind.

Do you have a bucket list of your own?



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