Why Do Cats Eat Grass: Twin Cats Played with Plants and Eats Some Grass

Published May 11, 2018 552 Views

Rumble Cats are carnivores, aren't they? But, today while Sefid and Mallows were in the garden, they started nibbling on grasses - they played with plants, bite twigs and swallowed some leaves.

Should you be worried when you see your lovely kittens are eating grasses? Cat experts say that this is a normal behavior that serves several purposes. In fact, if your feline is totally indoors, it would be clever for you to buy grass for your cat.

Cats eat grass for dietary benefit and for their digestive system. The juice contained in the grasses or plants contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for their growth. One very important nutrient they can get from juice of plants is folic acid. On the other hand, eating grass can relieve their upset tummy. In fact, it could help them expel fur that accumulated in their digestive system that is not broken down. Finally putting out these fur or other hard objects in their stomach such as bones will surely relieve them of tummy pain.

In this video, Sefid, the white cat, was biting the stem of a stevia, a plant that is used as sugar alternative for people who are suffering from diabetes. He was earlier spotted nibbling on tiny grasses (not shown in the video). Mallows, the black one, was eating bermuda grass and was playing with the dried stem of snake plant flower.

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