Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up

Published May 9, 2018 4,498 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensSefid and Mallows are twin kittens but they portray different personalities. Sefid, the white cat is adventurous, bold, energetic and usually displays hunting instinct. He is always moving around with his ears upright, checking out each corner of the house and enjoys playing in the garden, chasing insects he could find on the ground. Mallows, on the other hand is timid, reserved, calm and prefers to scratch on wood to sharpen her claws and climb curtains. Both Mallows and Sefid are sweet and lovely 3-month-old kittens.

In this video, Sefid wanted to engage Mallows in a cat fight play. He had been provoking her but Mallows simply tried to run before owner started filming. When Mallows found her peaceful spot on a sofa, Sefid came and started provoking her. She retaliated and they engaged in a playful cat fight. At a certain point, Mallows was not responsive to Sefid's provocations but Sefid ensued which turned mallows to hiss and she snarled and growled. What happened next....

Sefid pinned Mallows hard and started licking her head. What a wonderful sight! He is trying to offer peace. And the most wonderful part of all, Mallows showed irritable expression at first, you can judge it by looking at her closely in the video, but quickly accepted Sefid's offer of peace by licking him back. Lovely!

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