Kitten Grooms and Kisses his Sister Before Grooming Himself

Published May 10, 2018 108 Views

Rumble This is Sefid, three months old kitten. After his sister got irked during their cat fight, he manifested his "please forgive me" message by licking, kissing and grooming his sister. His sister accepted his peace offering and by licking him back then she left. If you want to watch their cat fight, you may watch it here: Kitten best friends fight, kiss and make up

Sefid then continued grooming himself for the next quarter of an hour before slumbering on the sofa. He spent more time grooming as he had just visited the garden so some mud were sticking on his fur near his paws.

Sefid enjoys playing in the garden and exploring while Mallows, his sister is complacent indoors.