Girl Uses Her Body As Shield To Save Baby Brother From Getting Shot

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Published: May 10, 2018

Not all viral videos are from cats chasing their own tails. In fact, a lot of the videos that make insane rounds on the Internet show people having near death experiences, because humankind just loves a good scary story and this one is no exception. We are all for good stories and stories that have a happy end. Even in the worst times and situations such as the one in this video, aside of all factors, she managed to turn a tragic story into a brave one and with a happy end.

We get it. The world is a very jaded, cynical place - after all, we are the planet that made the Kardashians a thing. But there is also hope and warmth in humanity too if you look hard enough. Get prepared to feel fuzzy inside as you witness these stories of incredible humanity and have a nice little happy cry. Go on - you deserve it.

A ten-year-old girls springs into action to save her baby brother when they get caught in crossfire during a shootout. Their mother was shopping at a Walmart while the kids were waiting for her in the back of the car in the parking lot. This was not a usual shopping day for this family as the shootout started right next to them, and the next few moments meant life or death.

Aaliyah Inghram, the oldest daughter in the family, who was sitting next to her brother who was strapped in the car seat right next to her, when she heard the gun battle, she made a decision that probably saved his life. She fully stepped into the role of a protector as bullets ricocheted through her mother’s car.

Using her body as a shield, the brave girl had thrown herself on top of her 18-month-old brother to protect him from the bullets. In the process, Inghram was hit in the behind. She didn’t realize she was shot until she saw the blood. Inghram said she is just glad her baby brother was not hurt. Stray bullets hit both the mom and daughter. Now, they said they are thankful to be alive.

"I was thinking that have to save the baby, I don’t want him to get hurt” - Inghram says and she is just glad her baby brother was not hurt. Her little brother may not understand just what she did or how much she sacrificed for him, but one day he will.

This girl is definitely a inspiration to us all. The bravery and big heart that this girl has is just amazing. Her quick thinking and reaction and more then bravery saved her little brothers life. This is quite an emotional and inspirational story and a most definite worth to watch. One thing is for certain, this girl has the heart of a lion!

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