Puppy Freaks Out Over Owner's Broken Electric Shaver

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Published: May 9, 2018Updated: May 10, 2018

Ah, pets, they make it so easy to love them. Their pure souls and innocent actions bring out the best in us. Although sometimes we need to clean up after them and it isn’t always pretty, it is all forgotten once they come to us for a few scratches behind the ears. Puppies are probably one of the most adorable things on the planet. Everything they do is just a giant "awe" moment. This is definitely one of those moments.

Neba the German Shepherd has discovered her owner's broken electric shaver and delivers a priceless reaction. She sees that the electronic device emits a strange buzzing sound and she doesn’t know where to place it. It doesn’t sound like a purring cat and it doesn’t sound like any rodent, so what might it be? She barks at the shaver, hoping for an answer, but she doesn’t receive one. Nevertheless, her curiosity is beyond adorable.

Dogs are indisputably the best kind of pets. Sure we love the other fluffsters, too, but they won’t ever love us back as half as much as dogs do. When it comes to dogs as pets, they are loyal to a fault. They would do anything for our love and attention and sometimes it just doesn’t seem like we truly understand the magnitude of their faith in us. They are the most loyal friends a man could ever want and we should appreciate them every waking hour we spend with them.

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