This Adorable French Bulldog Has The Most Delightful Bark

7 years ago

There have always been people who have treated their pets like children. So having that attention they act like babies too. We, humans, are here to care for, discipline, and nurture our companions throughout their lives, and in return, we get undying love, loyalty, and even protection. It’s easy to have complete baby talk conversations with your dog. And there’s a reason why: they can understand around 250 words and gestures–about as much as a two-year-old toddler! This is one cute proof of a baby French bulldog that wants the attention and help to get on the couch!

This adorable pup is Honey. Honey is baby <a href="" target="_blank">French bulldog</a>, asking for help to get on the couch. She has the most adorable <a href="" target="_blank">bark</a> in the world you have ever heard. Yes we said in the world and we are not exaggerating. Frenchies are companion dogs and require close contact with humans. They are sometimes called “Frog dogs” or “Clown dogs”. Frog dog is in reference to their wide round face and the unique way they sit with hind legs spread out. Clown dog is because they are known to be fun loving vivacious “clowns of the dog world”. Their calm nature makes them an excellent choice for apartment dwellers, as does their sensible attitude towards barking.

There's no doubt that dogs have emotions and they like to express them in different ways for their family members – their pack.

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