Talk Is Jericho Highlight: Corazon de Leon – The Grail of Wrestling Cards

9 days ago

The CBO of Jazwares, Jeremy Padawer, returns to tell the amazing story of how he and Chris found and secured the very rare Corazon de Leon wrestling trading card from Jericho’s 1993 CMLL debut in Mexico, and why he thinks that Jericho rookie card specifically is going to be on the Mt. Rushmore of valuable wrestling cards. Jeremy also talks about a couple of the most valuable wrestling cards he owns – a 1981 Hulk Hogan rookie card, a 1982 Japanese Hulk Hogan card, and the highest-graded Andre The Giant card from that same era, and why he thinks wrestling cards are the items to collect now! He shares the story about the journey he took to Dubai with Logan Paul to help Logan purchase an extremely rare Pokemon card valued at over $6 million. Plus, Jeremy is a big collectibles guy himself and reveals some of the cornerstones of his personal collection, including a first edition, first print of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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