Talk Is Jericho Highlight: Alien Encounters With Mitch Horowitz

1 month ago

Mitch Horowitz is the co-host of the new Discovery series Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction. Mitch explains how he and co-host Chrissy Newton dissect real-life encounters with extraterrestrial activity and then, with the help of science, research, and experts, determine if the experiences can be explained. Mitch talks about some of the cases covered in the series, including a Maine lobsterman who had a harrowing experience while camping, a husband-wife Bigfoot hunting team who believe they found proof of alien life on earth, an alleged abduction in the California desert, and the renowned geologist who believes he recovered other-worldly material from the Roswell crash site. Mitch talks about the destigmatization of UFO (now UAP) sightings and experiences, governments’ more open involvement and willingness to share info, the increasing mainstream acceptance, and whether he believes there might be something else out there!

Watch Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction on Wednesday nights at 10 pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Max

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