Adorable Baby Girl Hilariously Argues With Daddy

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Rumble / Babies & KidsA toddler makes a powerful argument when his dad asks him why he is so angry. His reaction is torrents of vowels, consonants and some unrecognizable syllables, and everything is being expressed on such a high note. This cute toddler is not afraid to give his dad a piece of his mind, regardless of what he is trying to say. There is no way for his mom and dad to outspeak him. Every question is followed by a fierce, unintelligible answer. This over-heated debate can only be found in the British House of Commons with an exception that there, both sides can be truly winners and here, there is only one legitimate debater who will get his own way. His argument will never fail whoever turns to speak to him.

It can get pretty frustrating when someone just doesn't see you eye to eye. We've all had those types of conversations where no matter how many times you explain something the other person just doesn't seem to get it. Well here's a kid who knows exactly how you feel. As much as he loves to argue, he loves his yellow plastic toy even more. It gives him strength and self-confidence, just like the Thor’s hammer, and from time to time it serves like the gavel judges have in a court of justice, because there can be only one judge in his courtroom and that is him. This time, he will show his parents where they actually belong in this intense debate.

Though so little, this strong-willed toddler is incredibly opinionated for such a young age. A real leader he is. He is likely to stand strong in his convictions, and no doubt he will grow up to be successful in the things he pursues. And please, do not ever interrupt this adorable baby when he is trying to make a point! This adorable boy is overly upset about something not known to his parents but he knows how to make a statement. The boy undoubtedly presents compelling arguments for why he is right. It is so sweet to hear him “explain in detail” why he is so upset, he lists several arguments and makes hand gestures like an experienced lawyer defending his case in the courtroom with all he has. This sweet little boy will make your day and teach you a life lesson on things unknown.

Little children can get very fussy and demanding sometimes, not even they can understand themselves. However, one little boy in this video doesn’t approve of his parents kissing and he knows how to put boundaries to the whole situation. You won't be able to stop laughing at the adorableness! When the mother then asks her son if she can kiss him instead, he says no to that too! He certainly doesn't want to deal with kisses anytime soon, maybe he will appreciate the love in the future! What a hilarious video, this little boy even uses hand gestures to tell his parents he doesn't want them kissing, too funny!


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