Cute Kid Doesn't Approve With His Parents Kissing

Published May 17, 2017 35,844 Views

While it's usually the parents who are strict about kissing and hugs, this time around, it's the son who's putting up those boundaries! This little boy is not a fan of his parents kissing in front of him and boy does he make it a point to let them know! You won't be able to stop laughing at the adorableness! When the mother then asks her son if she can kiss him instead, he says no to that too! He certainly doesn't want to deal with kisses anytime soon, maybe he will appreciate the love in the future! What a hilarious video, this little boy even uses hand gestures to tell his parents he doesn't want them kissing, too funny!

Even though kids think that it is an "eww" moment when two people show affection toward one another, kissing and showing some PG rated PDA can actually teach your youngsters about love and healthy relationships. So hold hands, hug and kiss each other frequently, but keep the tongue action for the bedroom!

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Check out this adorable kid reacting to kisses from his parents.

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