THE TROUBLED MIND OF JOE BIDEN ... Inspired by the rantings of Liberal Steve

13 days ago

Inspired by the rants of Liberal steve:
A dangerously senile old man is at the helm of the U.S.A.

As Joe Biden continues to display myriad symptoms of senility, the Democrats support him for very dangerous reasons. Until the United States of America has been sold out to China, they need Joe Biden as the mindless vessel of their power.

With the I.Q. of a baseball bat, this man continues to unknowingly serve his masters as he endangers all 300 million Americans and, vicariously, the free world.

This is “Elder Abuse” as this old man is being trotted out, baited, indoctrinated, and used even though he is totally incompetent. Despite his incompetence, he remains the ‘baseball bat’ of the Democrats and a laughable leader of the free world.

● This audio isn’t too far off the mark ●

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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