Confused Puppy Instinctively Air-Swims When Held Over Water

kathchen Published May 7, 2018 187 Plays $0.32 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDenver's first time at the beach is a success as his natural instincts kick in before being placed into the water. Such an adorable expression!

This adorable pooch loves going on beach adventures with its owner, making swimming-with-dogs to look so much fun! Looking at the moving water underneath him, this pooch starts moving them tiny paws in a swim-like motion as its natural instincts start to kick in!

Have you ever seen a flying dog? Well, now’s your chance! Here is the video of Denver, the flying dog! He is not really flying, but still, his actions make for one very entertaining clip. Watching them waves underneath his paws, the tiny pooch performs sudden movements with its limbs, taking air swings above the water. How adorable! Denver is air-swimming and it is absolutely adorable!

This behavior is common for dogs, especially puppies. When you try to put them in the water, they instinctively know how to perform the swim-like manoeuvre, putting on a real show for entertained onlookers. He believes that the big waves will overlap his tiny body so he takes control of the situation and goes air-swimming!

Adorable footage shows owner holding Denver above the water when suddenly the confused puppy starts kicking them tiny paws mid-air, making it look like he is flying as he moves them imaginary air-pedals. This puppy thinks he is swimming, and his paw movements make for an entertaining image of a dog riding his imaginary bike. How cute is that!

As the owner is holding the tiny pup mid-air, he is allowing the pup to pedal in the air and let the wind stroke his face which immediately engages them paws to start moving. Judging by the expression of this dog, he enjoys taking long beach walks with its owner, but when it comes to swimming in the ocean, he is prepared even before he touches the water! How adorable!

Watch how calm the pooch is while he struggles to propel through the air, using them tiny paws. This lovely pup must think that he is actually swimming, having his body lifted in the air by his owner and starts using them paws like he is riding a bike. The only think he has to do now is to enjoy the cool breeze!

All dogs gave the same instinct. Whenever they are moving, they have to move with their feet. And this dog is no exception. Despite the fact that he hasn’t even touched the water, the dog systematically moves its paws. Hilarious!