Adorable Pooch Pretends To Pedal When Taking A Bike Ride

Published January 13, 2018 442 Plays $1.35 earned

Rumble This adorable pooch loves going on bike adventures with its owners, making riding-with-dogs to look so much fun! With moving bike parts and the unpredictability of dogs, holding a leash or riding with a dog tied to the bike can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. One sudden jolt for a squirrel, and you’re toppling over! However, not this well-trained dog who loves bike rides!

Footage, filmed on December 17, 2017 in Rach Gia, Vietnam shows owner riding a bike on the busy streets of Vietnam, when suddenly an adorable puppy comes flying as he imagines to move them air pedals. This puppy thinks he is helping pedal the bike. How cute is that!

Two people are riding on the bike, the one sitting behind the driver is holding onto a tiny pup, allowing the pup to pedal in the air by lifting its body mid air and let the wind stroke his face which immediately engages them paws to start moving.

Judging by the expression of this dog, he enjoys taking long bike rides with its owner, helping to pedal through the air, enjoying the nice ride. When you are too cool for a walk on a leash, you help pedal your owner’s bike and pass the driving test with flying colors!

Watch how calm the pooch is while he struggles to propel through the air, using them tiny paws. This lovely pup must think that he is actually flying, having one of his owners lift his body and the other one move the bike. The only think he has to do is enjoy the cool breeze!

All dogs gave the same instinct. Whenever they are moving, they have to move with their feet. And this dog is no exception. Despite the fact that all the work it performs for the owner, the dog diligently helps her, systematically going through with his paws. Same situation happens in water too.

Watch as he enjoys the ride, pretending to pedal the bike as they move along the street. Adorable!