4 years ago

Caretaker Performs Hilarious Trick With Gorilla

Working in a zoo can be quite dangerous at times, but it pales in comparison to the times it’s made you feel elated to even know these amazing creatures. Being a zoo caretaker lets you get to know these beautiful souls a little bit better and create a tight bond, even become friends. Aside from making sure they remain healthy and adapt to the life in captivity, you get to learn all about their quirks and realize that they might be animals, but they each have their own character, and it’s absolutely amazing.

This caretaker posted this video on her Instagram account of the progress she has made with Bollingo the gorilla. This is what she had to say:

“Kid, don’t sell your dreams so soon. 💫💫💫 This is my best friend, Bolingo. He is our 12 year old male Gorilla. Like many adolescent males, he has a lot of energy and one of my favorite parts every day is finding new and positive ways to help him expend that. Today, he solidified his handstand behavior. This behavior was so important and fun to train not only because Bolingo was so eager and motivated to learn it, but because a portion of the behavior involved working him through learning how to trust himself and the training process to go into this position. Every once in awhile, animal trainers have to help push their animals to do challenging things and having built the trusting relationship I have with Bo, making this breakthrough with him absolutely made my week.”

Credit: rachale8

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