White Tiger Stalks And Hunts Unsuspecting Caretaker At The Zoo

6 years ago

The natural instincts of this tiger at the Moscow Zoo are put on full display as it stalks down a caretaker on the other side of the glass. Wow!

When everyone hears the word ‘tiger’ their mind instantly wanders towards the ferocious, dark, and brutish nature of the jungle. We picture them on the prowl, hunting for its prey, and when the time comes, it jumps at the poor victim and now the tiger has its lunch. That typical tiger behavior is depicted in that very video. Awesomely intense!

This hilarious video features the moment a <a href="https://rumble.com/v38suz-white-tiger-loves-his-friend-and-hugs-him.html" target="_blank">white tiger</a> forgets about the fact that it is captivated in a zoo and its enclosure is surrounded by glass, and goes full attack mode on the unsuspecting caretaker. Watch as the tiger sneaks from behind, tiptoeing towards the caretaker, waiting to make a move!

Fortunately, the filmmaker warned the caretaker about the devious intentions of the white tiger and told him to be prepared for a beast fiasco. Moments later, the big cat freezes mid motion, waiting for the human to make a move. Then the caretaker makes a sudden move on purpose, and the beast immediately jumps on him and tries to hunt him down! Hilarious!

Of course, this scenario wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t for the <a href="https://rumble.com/v46sa3-attacked-by-a-tiger-through-zoo-glass.html" target="_blank">glass barrier</a>! Anyways, don’t mess with the beasts in captivity because you never know if that glass barrier would always serve its purpose! Observe, but don’t tease, because these big cats are real beasts!

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