Cat Ruins Other Cat’s Stalking Mission By Zooming In Front Of Her

Published May 4, 2018 524 Views $1.20 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are predisposed to enjoy play-stalking and hunting. There is no doubt that some cats are sneaky, too. Maybe even creepy. Perhaps…scary. Shorty knows how to make the most of the limited time she has to make her move. If she wasn’t stopped at her feet. The end result? Hilarious.

Kodi and Shorty are not on best terms. Stalking doesn’t resonate well enough in Kodi’s head. She won’t have Shorty stalking their human, or his shoelaces and she will stop her by any means possible. But Shorty makes her human happy and she knows that stalking is one of her favorite hobbies so he doesn’t mind it at all, giggling under his chin.

Since cats’ owners are usually the only thing moving in home, they attract their cats’ attention. Additionally, when cats stalk them and finally catch up, they respond in an entertaining way. They act act startled and make a noise. Joining in this game, is funny for both sides.

Shorty is staring intently at her owner in the distance. She hunkers down, her tail swishing back and forth ever-so-slightly. Then she rises, just a bit, and stalks forward in her crouched position, inching closer to her owner that is bearing her intense scrutiny as you wonder to yourself: “Why does this cat want to stalk her owner?” And maybe we would have got the answer to the question if it wasn’t for Kodi to ruin everything. This spoil-sport kills the joy of stalking, by zooming out of the blue and straight in front of Shorty, blocking her way to the prey.

You can just see the black cat thinking at the end, "I'll get you next time!"