Talented Parrot Comically Sings Children's Song For The Camera

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsParrots are well known for their ability to recite what they hear, but this parrot might be the most talented one we have seen yet. Meet Max the Yellow Naped Amazon who is about to take the Internet by storm. Max sings the well-known children’s song “Old MacDonald had a farm” and it’s awesome. He even hits some of the higher notes with ease. The video is sure to make your day more beautiful. Max has found a way to sing his own version of the oldie but goldie nursery rhyme and is really cool.

It is really fun to keep a parrot pet such as Max due to its renowned talking ability and widespread availability. Max is a stout green bird with a black beak and a characteristic bright yellow patch on its nape but most of his body is shimmering green. There is one quirky moment during his singing which leaves us puzzled until the end of the video. That is his habit of bending forwards and stretching his legs as if getting ready to fly away. Why he is doing this is hard to tell. Maybe it is his own way to catch his breath in order to continue his almighty song or maybe he is just being silly augmenting his performance and lifting up the mood of those watching him.

One thing is sure, though, even if we were not fans of the song when we were little, we are likely to become since he has added a new niche to the rhythm. Uniqueness is a perfect way to make people like you, and Max is a real epitome of being original. By repeating the song a few times in succession, there is no way one to stay ignorant. What makes him an even more entertaining parrot is the way he ends the song by getting used of a vocal effect that has a howling feel to it.

The Yellow Naped Amazon is one of the most commonly kept birds due to their reputation for their talking ability and widespread availability. They are very popular as pets, but, like any other exotic bird, have their quirks and eccentricities. That is why there are important things to consider when looking for a long-lived pet, like this exceptional bird.

While they aren’t quite the noisiest of the Amazons, Yellow Napes still have their moments. They use their parrot-voices periodically and can be very loud! Yellow Napes are valued for talking ability, meaning they will not be out-talked by any other Amazon bird, both in quantity and clarity of speech. Like many other parrots, it is unearthly what they say and at what times. Sometimes it seems these birds are able to contextualize human speech! There has been proof that parrots have such capabilities and the Yellow Naped Amazons are no exception. Beware of what you say around your pet, because you might be hearing it for a long time.

If you are looking to get one of these birds as a pet, you can even find them for adoption at a local avian rescue organization. Just make sure to ask why it has been given up in the first place.