Confused Dog Gets Snappy With A Door Stop

Published May 2, 2018 399 Plays $0.57 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAll dogs, with the exception of a few unique breeds, bark. Basically, dogs will sometimes bark at things that are new or out of place or stand out from their surroundings in a noticeable and scary way. They spook at it. They are surprised and nervous about it being there and don't really know how to react to it other than to yell at it and hope it feels threatened.

This playful pup has no idea what the door stop is for, but apparently it must die! This quiet and rather phlegmatic dog likes spending much time of the day snoring on the sofa but this door stop has got him on his feet. Full of energy and frisky, the puppy can’t stop barking at this metal thing, as it lies extended on the door. What is the reason for his constant barks, no one knows except for him and until the end of the video it stays unclear. Though he is not a barking watchdog, his blocky build and his rolling, shuffling gait give intruders pause. It takes a tremendous amount of serious teasing or threatening to provoke this sweet-natured breed, but once aroused, he can be a force to reckon with.

His tenacity and determination mean that it's difficult to change his mind once he decides to do something. So, barking and growling is on the menu today and this feline gets even more ferocious when his owner shakes the door stop with her leg. He snaps at it, ready to attack if there is a need for that. His unreasonable snarl makes us puzzled and we don’t have a clue why the doorstep irritates him so much. Maybe he lets his stubborn barks echo so loudly because he really loves his family and is acting protectively.