Adventurous English Bulldog Skillfully Skateboards Downhill

Published February 1, 2018 14,933 Views $10.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA curious footage has emerged featuring a skateboarding dog crushing downhill on his board! This adventurous dog has some serious talent! Unlike many dogs, Buda the Bulldog isn’t too fond of walks and it seems like his speedometer is set to a quicker pace.

Tongue hanging out, slobber trailing from his maw, this adventurous dog gives a push with his hind legs, hops up onto his skateboard and begins to cruise downhill. The wind in his hairs, he boosts his speed with several kicks and rolls down the street in complete mastery of his board.

Watch how confident he is as he rides down the slope and lets gravity pull him down. When he catches enough speed, he quickly hops on with all four legs and enjoys his adventurous ride downhill with owner following his steps, on a separate skateboard. Amazingly, Buda is the frontrunner and owner follows his lead on a board behind him!

The talented bulldog often draws a crowd and makes sure to put on a performance. When his board flips over or rolls out of reach, Buda gallops after it, clamps his mouth on one of the wheels, tosses it upright and takes off again. What a talent!

Have you ever witnessed a chubby dog riding on a moving board with such confidence! Not only Buda is after that adrenaline rush, he also likes to take lead and turned the skateboarding downhill activity into his hobby! Who needs walks when you can take rides!?

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