Dr Ben Tapper: Fear is the Fuel That Fires the Furnace of Disease | Fourth Watch Files

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Today we discuss all the sordid history and deadly track records of VACCINES.
Dr. Ben Tapper has studied vaccinations and adverse reactions for over twenty years and gives many lectures on this subject nationally. He is an expert on Epigenetic's and is the executive producer of ‘THE TIME IS NOW”.

We start is the era of the Small Pox vaccinations which were given to the inventor’s children who died a few weeks later which put a stop to the testing. These vaccinations were distributed to children nationally nonetheless.

The mega rich Rothschild family started to buy medical colleges to begin their propaganda assault on Homeopathic medicines in order to corner the market on their oil based medicinal products. Casting dispersions on anything ‘natural’ relegating them to nut house theories, pushed the general public into their web of deceit.

The pharmaceutical industry is not interested in curing anyone. Instead they lead you to their conveyor belt of medicines that mask the symptoms and keep you sick long enough to milk you of your last cent then send you to your grave.

Bryan DEMON ERASERS comes on half way through and talks about the diseases of ancient Egypt which were spoken of by JOSEPHUS in his historical accounts regarding the gene pool being corrupted by actual Nephilim. which take the conversation on a very interesting path.

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