These Hungry Baby Parrots Give The Formula An Approving Nod

Published April 29, 2018 6,773 Views $31.73 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIt might be strange to think about, but even with birds there are cases where a mother refuses to feed her babies. When desperate times call for desperate measures, the hands of the owner or breeder must get involved and a baby bird formula must be cooked up and each of the tiny birdied fed by a loving hand. This is what that looks like.

These little Parrotlets have only just started molting their baby feathers, but they still need a soft meal every now and again. So their owner prepares their dish and serves it to them with a special little spoon. With those nods they keep making, we be that is one yummy formula! Gonna make these three into gorgeous, healthy and strong birds!

With a little patience, anyone who can feed a baby human can feed a baby parrot. There are different techniques as to how it is done. Professionals will either use a syringe or a gavage tube, while those less experienced will use a pipette, small cups, spoons or syringes. Every method has its pros and cons, but the use of a syringe has proven to be both the safest and the easiest. You can go as fast or as slow as you want, plus it automatically measures how much each birdie has been fed.

As for the bobbing of the heads while being fed, it is called a feeding response. It promotes the parents to regurgitate the food down the baby’s throat and then it bounces straight down into their crop. It may sound nasty, but it one of nature’s most beautiful designs!

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