Family Hand Feed Wild Australian Parrots On Balcony

8 years ago

When Australia comes to mind, surely the first thing you think are the grotesque critters that call the tiny continent their home. But there is so much more to Australia then just massive spiders and otherworldly reptiles.

It is commonly known how dangerous Australian wildlife can be. Australia has killer spiders, massive crocodiles, and 120-degree weather. But this particular video, posted back in January 18 of 2014, is showing a beautiful, non-deadly side to Australian wildlife.

The video starts when Gordon McCoullough leads his two small daughters onto their back deck, carrying kitchen bowls. He starts to whistle, and then the wild parrots come.

A least eight parrots can be seen in the video landing on the roof, eating out of the dad’s and daughter’s hands, and happily squawking as they waddle about on the deck. It seems to be a common routine for both family and birds. These King Parrots and Cockatoos live in the Snowy Mountains in Eastern Australia, informally called 'The Snowies'. This is the highest mountain range in mainland Australia.

Can you imagine what it must be like to live in Australia? With the continent being home to so many diverse breeds of exotic birds, all you have to do is buy a bag of bird feed and learn a bird call! Hopefully your balcony will be filled with a flock of king parrots too! They are so friendly, they just land on the hands of the girls and their father and eat right off!

We see a flock of majestic Australian Parrots from the wild Outback slowly fill this family’s balcony and eat out of the hands of a father and his two daughters in this magical clip. The fathers starts whistling a bird call and several moments later we see a small flock of King Parrots land on the roof, with a few descending on the father’s seed-filled palms, then on the older girl.

Then the sulfur crested cockatoos come, making the balcony look like a small tropical paradise. These people are truly lucky to live here!

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