Offshore Fishing Yellowtail Snapper + African Pompano (Bucket List) Tampa Florida Deep Sea Fishing

16 days ago

Join Captain Shaw of @LandedFishing with a trip full of experienced fishing guides out in the Gulf of Mexico.

Target species, Yellowtail Snapper. Learn how the pro's get out and hook up with these amazing reef-faring saltwater species.

Bucket List Fish! One the best things about offshore fishing, is you never really know what you're going to catch, as in this trip we hooked up and landed a massive 25lb African Pompano.

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0:01 Bucket List Catch
1:15 Catching Bait with Sabiki's
2:15 Spotting Yellowtail Snapper
4:35 How to Catch Yellowtail - Jig and Shrimp Setup
6:00 Catching Yellowtail Snapper in the Gulf
7:15 Filling the Box Yellowtail Madness
10:24 Reel Lucky Fishing Charters
11:34 Barracuda on the Line
11:20 Bucket List Catch African Pompano
12:45 Fighting with African Pompano in the Gulf
13:40 Landed African Pompano
14:20 Setting up Trolling Rods
15:49 Hooked Up over a Wreck
17:25 Saltwater Fishing with Experienced Guides
17:58 The Tax Man (Sharks in the Gulf)
19:02 Hooked up with a Monster on 15lb Leader
20:27 Getting Worked Offshore Fishing
22:50 What did we Catch?

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