Bull Drum vs Bull Sharks Tampa Florida bridge fishing hog squad rad reel fishing

1 month ago

Join us as we head out to the Bridges in Tampa Florida for some BIG Black Drum.

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Thanks to Captain Dylan from @hogsquadfishing and JC over at @RadReelingFishing for an amazing trip! We had a great time and hope to get out again here real soon!

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0:01 Hooked Up in Tampa Bay with @hogsquadfishing and @RadReelingFishing
1:55 Fishing for Black Drum in Tampa
2:30 @RadReelingFishing Hooked-up!
3:04 Turning Fish with Reaper Rods
3:38 @hogsquadfishing Combat Fishing with @hogsquadfishing
4:40 Dealing with Sharks while Fishing
6:16 Fishing with Blue Crabs in Tampa
6:48 Hooked up with Big Black Drum in Florida
7:41 Testing the Reaper Rod and @KastKing
8:25 Hooked Up Again Under the Bridge
10:06 Massive Black Drum Caught in Tampa
11:41 Given Us A Run for Our Money
12: 54 What Hurts the Most? Tax Man
14:25 It's Not a Snag!
15:27 Turning Fish
16:46 Fishing the Bridges in Tampa
17:45 Catching BIG Fish in Tampa Florida
18:52 Thank an American Worker
19:25 Fishing Gear and Setup

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