World Record Holder For Finger-Snapping Snaps Along To Japanese Song

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Published: April 25, 2018Updated: April 26, 2018

A Japanese college student just beat the Guinness World Record for most finger snaps in one minute. In a mesmerizing video, Satoyuki Fujimura is able to snap his fingers a whopping 296 times, beating the previous record of 278 times. This man holds the world record for finger snapping, and he's here to demonstrate his incredible skills. Check it out as he snaps a Japanese song - Doraemon(Hosino Gen) - in this amazing clip!

We don't know if this is an actual sport but for sure it is a competition. This kid not only has the talent of being able to snap his fingers more then anyone else on the planet but he also has the rhythm to go along with it. In the background a Japanese song is playing and he just can't hold back the snapping of his fingers. And guess what, this guy's snapping is right on the money. He hits every beat just in the right moment, which happens to go very nice with the music playing in the background.

There are many people out there with unusual talents as this guy and you can check them out all over the internet. Here we have a champ so to call in snapping fingers. Take a look at his outstanding performance as he snaps his fingers along with dancing to the music.


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