Unexperienced Cowboy Fails To Mount A Horse Zorro Style

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Published: June 24, 2016

This amateur cowboy has seen way too many western movies, because that is definitely NOT the way you mount a horse! He probably forgot which reality he is in! Hilarious!

Dude is being all high and confident, setting up the poor horse so that he might get up on it, Zoro style. As he walks further away to gain momentum, the horse turns back and looks at him, like he's thinking ‘You sure you want to do that, man?’ The guy doesn't care, so he runs up to the horse from the back, makes a very impressive high jump and looks like he's about to make the mount.

This is where we are reminded that there is such a thing as false confidence, because the dude underestimated the distance and the height of the cantle on the saddle. Instead of landing safely on his rear end, the guy slams on the cantle with the part of his body where the sun does not shine and tumbles right off the horse!

We would probably fall off our chairs laughing, if that sight didn't look like it hurt like hell! His wife sure had a good belly laugh! Serves you right, city slicker!

When you grow up on a ranch, one of the things you have to learn at a young age is how to ride a horse. It's well-known that most kids on farms are an integral part of many ranching operations. So, if dad can't gather the cattle all by himself, the boys have to help him out!

However, judging by the way the man from this video decides to mount the horse, we can conclude with certainty that he definitely didn’t grow up on a farm. Judging by the way he started, we could have imagined it would end up with a great twist. This man’s inglorious attempt to mount a horse is the perfect video to serve as how not to do it!

Check out the first riding lesson this man gets and immediately fails with flying colors! Despite of his false confidence, he is obviously very excited and eager to start riding the animal, Zorro style, but as soon as he approaches from behind and makes the big hop, the unexperienced cowboy falls to the ground with the speed of light. Poor guy, no more Westerns for you!

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