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2 months ago

Have you ever wondered why some yogurts in the supermarket are called Bulgarian yogurt?

I will tell you the story.

Back in the early 1900’s yogurt wasn’t really a thing.

People didn’t know about yogurt, let alone that it was fantastic for your health.

This all changed when Metchnikoff a Russian scientist entered the scene.

Metchnikoff, ‘the father of natural immunity’ spent his time observing Bulgarian mountain peasants.

These peasants often lived to be a hundred years old or more, and they were unusually relaxed and happy.

They walked long distances and often lived under harsh conditions.

Metchnikoff concluded that their high level of contentment, hardiness, and longevity, was caused by their consumption of a bacterial product.

Their secret was their fresh cow’s milk that they carried with them in leather bags, and it fermented while they traveled.

It turned to yogurt, a powerful promoter of health and natural immunity.

Even though Metchnikoff won the Nobel prize, for many decades, yogurt remained a secret, while antibiotics were hailed as the disease-fighting hero of the day.

Only fairly recently, around 2005, scientists came up with a new term: the Microbiome, which stands for your community of healthy (or not so healthy) bacteria.

Your Microbiome equals your immunity!

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