Who Is Gianna & Scott?

29 days ago

Why should you listen to what we teach?
Because we walk the talk!

Your rights are INALIENABLE.

You being in unilateral adhesion contracts that were presented to you using fraud and deception never means you gave up your rights. You can't.

But...the civil servants aren't going to stand for you.

So if you don't recognize when this is happening, you are SOL as my father used to say.

Shit Out Of Luck.

We teach you the lens with which to see when this is happening so that you can recognize it and stand up for yourself.

Trust me, it gets super fun!

You just need your first win!

​Shout out your wins in the comments!


Uncensored truth!

We Have No Obligation To Conduct Business With Our So-Called Ex-Post Facto Government.

So Many Government Attachments You Think Are Required By Law Simply Are Not.

Learn How To Remove Yourself From Them!

Join my HONORABLE membership, where I will teach you how to live as a private civilian foreign national, backed up by USC, Founding documents, and Supreme Court Rulings.

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