This Sleepy Kitty Is The Definition Of Zen

Published April 23, 2018 536 Views $0.58 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensOur pets always manage to find new ways to surprise us. Although this little guy doesn't realize it, he let out quite an interesting sound during his nap. Meowing can sometimes be so boring, you take a short Meow, you take a long Meow, you make the "I want to play" Meow, you make the "I want to go to sleep" Meow, Meow here - Meow there, now it is time to try something new.

This little fellow fell asleep on his owner's cozy bed and seems to be having a great nap. He is so deeply asleep that he dreams about tho good old days when he was a little kitten and still feeding off of his mom. We can only wonder what this cute kitten has on its mind while deep asleep but as far as assumptions go this is the most accurate we can come up with. How can you just not love this little guy?

Here is a little something from his owners: “We always wanted to adopt a black and a white cat, preferably related so they'll get along well. We were so happy when we found Toothless and his twin brother Beli! They are completely opposite characters (and colors), but we love them so much! Toothless is the sleepyhead in the family, and this is the perfect example of what he likes to do every day”

Check out Toothless, the black rescue kitty in his deep slumber! He's doing those cute moves with his paws while his owner gently pets him. So adorable!