Loving kitties just can't get enough of each other

Published June 12, 2017 3,118 Plays $8.20 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensMeet Beli and Evie. Evie is the most recent addition to the family, but she quickly stole the hearts of the other two cats (Beli and his twin, Toothless). Here, Beli displays his love towards her and gives her a loving "bath" before nap time.

Evie is a rescue cat and she misses one of her front legs, but she is as cheerful and fast as the other two cats and lives a very normal and fulfilling life. At first she was supposed to be with us for a month until we found her a forever home, but she grew to our hearts and quickly became a part of the family.

Now she spends her days playing and eating yummy treats, chasing birds and bugs and getting showered with attention from us and the cats. She really is a blessing and we can't be happier to have her.

If you ever have the chance, take in a homeless animal – it would make all the difference for them, and you will be a better and more loving person.