Decorated War Veteran's Emotional Cuddle With Lions And Cubs

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesJim is a highly decorated war hero having served in World War II. He is also known to many as one of the biggest animal lovers who ever lived. He founded the Saint John Ambulance Therapy Dog Movement in Canada and combined his skills with animal behaviour and his tremendous compassion for people who were sick and elderly. He spent decades visiting people in hospital, bringing his furry companions to their bedside for love and affection that had surprising effects on their healing and their emotional well being. He encouraged others to do the same and the movement swept across the country and grew into what it is today.

Jim loved animals of all sorts and they loved him back equally. His charisma was undeniable with both animals and people. Watching Jim and seeing how the animals responded to him was truly heart warming.

At 92 years of age, Jim was talking to his friends Dave and Kristy one evening and he saw pictures of Dave with a lion cub. He smiled and said he would dearly love to meet a lion but never had. A few weeks later, Jim's wish came true and in an incredible act of generosity, Jim was invited to be the guest of honor at a local wildlife facility. He was welcomed with a very touching thank you for his service and and seated under a tree for what would be a "little surprise". Jim knew that he would be seeing some animals this day but he did not know what was coming. As he sat quietly, two large lions were walked out to where he sat.

The first lion sat at Jim's feet, sniffed and licked his cheek and then climbed up an onto him, wrapping its arms around Jim in an embrace that left everyone speechless. True to his fearless nature and unwavering confidence, Jim sat calmly and took it in as if he instantly knew the lion's full intentions. The two <a href="" target="_blank">hugged</a> for a moment and then the lion lay down on Jim's feet like a massive dog looking for approval and attention.

As if this were completely expected, Jim reached down to <a href="" target="_blank">stroke the lion</a> and he spoke to it gently. His feet completely disappeared under the animal and it sat, enjoying being petted. It yawned and closed its eyes as he caressed it and it appeared that it would fall asleep with Jim.

As if this were not an experience enough, Two tiny lion cubs and a tiger cub were brought to meet Jim and he took each in his arms for some more love and cuddling. Jim's eyes were not the only ones with tears as he stroked and kissed the tiny balls of fur for over an hour. One of the lions drifted off to sleep, comfortable on his lap, and everyone watched with wonder and amazement. It was an emotional and breath taking experience for everyone. Reluctantly, Jim gave the lions back and said goodbye to everybody.

As he was led away, tears ran down his cheek as Jim smiled and said "This is a day I will never forget". Sadly, Jim passed away a few months after this day. One of his last conversations was about the lions and the generosity of those who made this happen for him. He spoke of the cubs and of the greeting that the larger lion gave him and how he felt a connection with the animals from the very first moment.

Those who knew Jim understood how fitting it was for him to have his dream come true after all that he had done for others. He truly dedicated his life to making others' lives better and to bringing the human animal bond to a whole new level. Jim will be missed and always remembered fondly.


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    Very sweet and so touching! Thanks for sharing!

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    Such a touching and adorable video!

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    What an amazing video, thanks for sharing,

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    Blessed is he who granted the wish of this hero, you have a kind heart. It is so touching to see him cuddle the cub.

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