Brave Man Lives With Huge Rescued Tigers

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Published: January 31, 2017

There will always be people out there that do things a bit different. Some go out and do extreme sports, some are great fanatics about a specific thing and some even take care and look after animals that were never meant to be domestic. In this video you will see different cases of how people take in tigers at a really young age and domesticate them by teaching them that humans aren't only food but can make a great lifetime companion.

These tigers are now doing grrr-eat - thanks to a doting dad who keeps them in his HOME. Mikhail Zaretskiy, from Moscow, Russia, is currently looking after 10 tigers who were either rejected by their mother or rescued from the black market. He has converted his home into a tiger rehab center where the cubs play with his kids and even sleep on the BED. Mikhail's passion began with a chance meeting at a circus, and now he 'can't imagine' his life without them. He said, "In the beginning it was just like a hobby, but the more I learnt about the conditions these beautiful creatures are kept in, the more I wanted to do to help them"

These people have dedicated their lives to help animals in need by giving them the shelter of their home and making them a part of their family. Most of these animals look very scary and threatening, but don't be too quick to judge as their appearance will definitely lie to you. As far as the character of these animals go, they will only give you love and cuddles since that's all they have been taught how to do.

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