Playful Puppy Plays Hot And Cold With Toy Bone

Published April 17, 2018 546 Views $0.67 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAnimals have a way of making us laugh and they are always surrounded by this shimmering aura that spreads positive energy all around. From monkeys to dogs and cows, animals are valuable addition to our lives.

We all go crazy when we see a cute little dog like this one in the video. It is a Bernese Mountain Dog and his reaction while playing with the toy bone has us in fits of laughter. This calm but gregarious doggy looks as if this is his first time running across a dog toy. He doesn’t know what to do with it. Should he approach it or should he stay away from it? Is it going to jump on him or is it to remain motionless on the floor? Or is it maybe the white vibrant color that it confuses him? Nobody knows. Regardless of the reasons, the Bernese dog likes to play hot and cold with the bone. Once he goes to check on it, other times he runs away from it. If only this toy bone could jump up and join this pooch in his silly little game.

This strikingly good-looking dog finally plucks up courage and touches the bone with his muzzle first and waits for its response and when he sees that the bone lies static on the ground, he tries to push it with his paws one more time. But to no avail, this toy bone doesn’t want to play with him and it is not funny at all. However, Berner will not get disappointed and he will go on having the happy-go-lucky attitude about life.

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