Playful Puppy Steals Picnic Mat Thinking It's A Toy

Published September 28, 2017 4,631 Plays $16.11 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere are a handful of things that make a happy dog - its bed, its food bowl and its toys. It reminds them that a good time is coming, play time, which also happens to be a dog’s favorite time of day! Oh, goody, goody!

The ball might be a dog’s toy of choice, but when there is no ball in sight, a stick will do just fine. Everything that is long and sort of brownish looking will probably qualify as a stick in a dog’s mind; if it smells as tastes like wood, then it definitely is!

This group was setting up a simple picnic when all of a sudden an adorable puppy ran up and took their mat! The playful puppy ran around the park playing with it as if if we're an actual toy. The pooch probably thought that it’s a stick, since it looks like it it is made of rattan. That sure smells like wood, so we can’t blame the pupper for mistaking it for its second favorite toy material!

The women recording the whole ordeal sure had a good laugh out of it, while the girl frantically chases after the dog and (relatively) calmly tells it to drop the mat. The dog forgoes the mat for a while, but then comes for it and grabs it again, this time unrolled, making for an even more hilarious chase!

All was good though, the owner returned the mat after the puppy finally decided to let go!

Filmed in Toronto, Canada.