Steal Mimosa Pudica Leaves Challenge: Who can Pick the Leaves Without Causing it to Close

Published April 17, 2018 793 Views

Rumble Toots teens kids took the challenge of picking the leaves of makahiya without causing it to close. This plant, called makahiya in the local language (Philippines), is known as shy plant, shame plant, sleepy plant. It is called as such because when the leaves are touched, it reacts in a seemingly shy way - it "closes." The scientific name of this plant is Mimosa Pudica.

The link to the first video is here -

After we posted our first video of Michael having fun with this plant, facebook friends reminded us of a challenge that children in the village used to do with this plant. Retired science teacher, Irenea Sannad, mentioned that when she was a child, kids compete on a challenge: Who can pick the leaves without causing it to close. Another friend also mentioned this challenge so we went out and do the challenge too.

Michael does not want to join the challenge - he just enjoy poking the leaves and watch it close. Mehdi and Helen tried their best -- see who was able to do it well.

The trick of doing it is found at the end of the video.

We hope you enjoyed it.

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