Toddler had Fun with Mimosa Pudica/Touch and See How This Shy Plant Reacts

Published April 16, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Michael went out today and tried discovering things around. Finding Mimosa pudica along the road, he stopped and started touching each leaf. He enjoys seeing this plant react to his touch.

Mimosa pudica which is also known as the shy plant grows abundantly in the tropics. In the Philippines, it is called makahiya, which literally translates to someone who is shy. In some places, it is called the sensitive plant or the sleeping plant.

This plant thorns on its stem, like the thorns of roses, so be careful when you touch the stems. It is not only unique for its pink, fluffy flower which would surely catch anyone's attention although it is tiny but it is also one of a kind plant for its reaction to touch. Once someone or something will touch its leaves, or when the plant is shaken or a strong wind blows it, the leaves will close as if it sleeps. It will take few minutes before it will open again.

This plant must be thoroughly examined by scientists who worked on sensors? It has an interesting mechanism.

Have you ever seen this plant?


  • tootsteens, 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot for everyone who watched this video. Stay tuned for the next upload where the challenge is: to steal a leaf without it closing. Join us with the thrill!

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