Kid Rescues And Saves Injured Sea Turtle

Published April 13, 2018 271 Plays

Rumble / Everyday HeroesWhile enjoying a boat ride in Mexico, these people came across a helpless sea turtle that needed immediate help. The turtle had barnacles on its nose which were removed and cleaned by these kids, and then returned to the ocean. Awesome!

The captain of the boat suddenly stops the boat and dives off. The people on the boat rush to the site to see what’s going on and see a captain helping a sea turtle on the surface. The turtle doesn’t dive when they near it which is a sure sign of illness. It turns out the turtle has some barnacles obstructing its airways. The guy assures them that it is safe on the boat. This will not happen to the turtle if it was outside of water. In fact ,the turtle will choke if it is thrown in the water because turtles need air to survive. These guys have been out with many scientist in the area who have taught them to look after the welfare of these creatures and to be prepared with a safety kit.

The boy following the guy’s orders takes off the barnacles stuck on the turtle's shell, moving the knight lightly over its surface and makes sure the turtle’s head remains intacked. All set and cleaned, the turtle will be able to eat better.

This is not something we recommend trying on your own. However, since the captain and guide has the right training and the right gear, they were able to save the turtle. Being very clean, the turtle can go on with its normal life. As the kids watch the turtle swim off and dive down, a sign that it is healthy, they are so proud of being a part of its rescue and learn a bit about conservation.