Rare Sea Turtle Spotted Swimming Near A Port In Greece

Published February 14, 2017 828,925 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA giant endangered sea turtle was spotted inside the Port of Chania in Crete, Greece near some boats. Seeing this rare creature is truly an amazing sight!

A critically endangered sea turtle was spotted cruises over a port, looking for food, while tourists were sightseeing near it. Fortunately they were able to capture the relaxed turtle on film and get a very close shot too! It even swims right up to the camera, providing an incredible view of its face and body in stunning detail. Catching a glimpse of such a rare turtle is an exciting experience for divers, but being able to spot one near the port is very rare and makes for one unforgettable experience. This turtle shows no fear as it flaunts its body near the tourists with mild curiosity.

You can imagine the delight this filmmaker was filling upon spotting a large Loggerhead sea turtle in the Port of Chania in Crete near some boats. The rare sea turtle is seen swimming around the port, lurking near the boats. Don’t you think it is a little off for this kind of turtle to be swimming in shallow waters? Do you think it is lost, dazed and confused, wandering around, trying to find its way home?

Reportedly, these turtles are fast swimmers and a few flaps of their long flippers will create distance fast. However, this particular turtle seems only mildly concerned about the audience, as it seemed too relaxed to worry, knowing it is out of human reach.

It appears that the Loggerhead may have been curious to see what the port seems like, and wanted to take a stroll around the boats and greet some tourists.

This appears to be a juvenile female since a full grown Loggerhead can actually grow up to 450 pounds quite easily. Some have even reach 1,000 pounds. These sea turtles are known to live for over 100 years. This turtle could conceivably be cruising over the reef at the turn of the next century. How cool is that?!


  • Darlamary, 3 years ago

    That's fantastic!!!!

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  • DorothyShea, 3 years ago

    Poor thing looks lost. Hope it goes back to open waters safely.

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