Clever German Shepherd Knows Exactly What To Do Before Bedtime

Published April 13, 2018 12,040 Views $25.49 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the heartwarming footage showing the entire bedtime routine of one smart German Shepherd pooch and it is simply adorable! Chevy the German Shepherd has learned how to close the door and turn off the light before bedtime. What a smart and clever pup!

As a pet owner, it is very important to provide your dog with a warm and comfortable bed of their own, a place where your canine companion can retreat to at night and nap in throughout the day. All dogs seem to have their quirks and routines because dogs are creatures of habit.

Animals depend on the concept of resources, such as food, water, and shelter. Your bed represents a shelter or den to your dog. Since the bed is a place where the pet regularly nests, it is marked with his scent and it is part of his routine. He instinctively crawls into his den as a happy and safe zone.

Many dogs love to bury themselves under the covers to sleep and it is curious to think about why they might do this seemingly very human thing. However, Chevy is not one of those pooches who love to play under the covers, he likes them bed sheets tidy before he goes to sleep. Adorable!

Every night before Chevy goes to sleep he has to do his routine. Watch his reaction when owner says it is <a href="" target="_blank">time to go to bed</a>. In a split second, the pooch hops off the bed and closes the door, then he hits the lights and sets the mood for his owner to rest!

Wouldn’t you want to have this <a href="" target="_blank">smart pooch</a> to lend you a helping hand when you are too tired to move? We believe that Chevy’s help is more than welcome! Then, he goes off to dreamland!

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