5 years ago

Stubborn Bull Mastiff Puppy Refuses To Go To Bed

You think kids can be stubborn at bedtime, but check out the hilarious bedtime routine this dog owner has to go through when he tries to put his bull mastiff puppy in his cage. He had to put some sweat into it!

Our loving dogs can sometimes be quite a handful and this spoiled Bull Mastiff is no exception. See all his stubbornness at its best!

Owner wants to tuck his dog into bed, but he is determined that he wants to stay awake and start play, and is ready to give a fight! He becomes stiff and doesn't move a muscle! He puts his breaks into action and refuses to get into the cage!

Let's face it, dogs would much rather sleep in the bed with their humans. They want to be a part of the pack and when you isolate them in a crate, they are going to fight you in any way that they can come up with. You can’t help but laugh at dad’s struggles every night before sleep.

This poor guy is getting a nice workout with his puppy as the Mastiff continues to behave and wants to have it his way! This daily routine comes in with a nice workout indeed!

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