Stubborn Bull Mastiff Puppy Refuses To Go To Bed

Published February 26, 2017 861,568 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou think kids can be stubborn at bedtime, but check out the hilarious bedtime routine this dog owner has to go through when he tries to put his bull mastiff puppy in his cage. He had to put some sweat into it!

Our loving dogs can sometimes be quite a handful and this spoiled Bull Mastiff is no exception. See all his stubbornness at its best!

Owner wants to tuck his dog into bed, but he is determined that he wants to stay awake and start play, and is ready to give a fight! He becomes stiff and doesn't move a muscle! He puts his breaks into action and refuses to get into the cage!

Let's face it, dogs would much rather sleep in the bed with their humans. They want to be a part of the pack and when you isolate them in a crate, they are going to fight you in any way that they can come up with. You can’t help but laugh at dad’s struggles every night before sleep.

This poor guy is getting a nice workout with his puppy as the Mastiff continues to behave and wants to have it his way! This daily routine comes in with a nice workout indeed!


  • Tefiney, 2 years ago

    He's clearly showing you he doesn't want to be in that cage. I don't think he has any problem with laying down, just not in that cage. It looks to be too small for him. This will cause him not to be able to lay down and stretch out comfortably. If it was me I'd be the same way. I wouldn't want to be cramped up and uncomfortable in that cage either. Just my observation anyway. I don't mean to offend. I do love animals though very much and will always speak to help them in any way I can.

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    • compoundgrowth, 2 years ago

      Well observed Tefiney, you are correct he didn't want to go in his cage. I'm afraid I don't think you could care more for dogs than I do and it is very offensive for you to suggest that I would do anything that would be cruel to a dog. You know what they say about assumptions....? For the record that cage is enormous! I didn't even know they made cages that big, it is literally the biggest dog cage you can get. I'm 6 foot 4 inches and I could fit in it no problem at all. We could of had two mastiffs in that cage and they would not of been cramped. I am also a little surprised to hear you mention comfort. You must not have noticed how full of cushions, dog beds and blankets the cage is. It literally could not have been more comfortable. Or spacious. I am also thinking that you don't own a dog either. Or certainly you don't own a bullmastiff. If you did then you would know that using a cage is perfectly normal procedure for their very early puppy months. He was 7 months old at the time of this video (14 months old now). And not long after this video the cage was deemed to be no longer necessary. It was just for while he was a puppy to make sure he didn't eat the house and cause himself harm while he was left unattended. I was only dog sitting for my sister on this particular night as he is her dog. Normally he would go and get into bed himself without even needing to be told but when he is at my house its all different routine for him. Plus, as his behavior in this video clearly shows, he is very much getting to the point where he himself knows that the cage is becoming unnecessary, and thus he was "rebelling" against it in his very cute and non aggressive way. I don't like making dogs do things they don't want to do but sometimes you just have to do what is best for them and their well-being.

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      • SilverUnicorn, 2 years ago

        My bff still crates her 3 LARGE dogs each night. But, they also get a Kong toy with peanut butter on it when they go to bed. Just curious if you tried tossing some form of treat into the crate first? (I don't think you did anything wrong. It's just that putting something in to entice him inside might have helped, if you had not already done so.) Crate training is a good thing for both dog and owner! :)

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        • compoundgrowth, 2 years ago

          Thank you for the message SilverUnicorn. That is a very good idea about the Kong. I always like to reward dogs with food for doing something they might not necessarily want to do (such as coming inside the house from the garden etc). But on this occasion I did not offer a treat incentive. To be honest because it was a complete one-off for me to have him for the night I just found the whole experience quite amusing. I also knew it to be very unusual behavior too because when he is at home at my sister's house he actually goes and takes himself to bed at night without even needing to be told. But like I said, when he is with me its 100% play time and entertainment for him so the routine is completely different to when he is at home and chilled out for most of the time. It was not very long after I shot this video that my sister stopped using the crate. He has never chewed anything or misbehaved so it would appear she got the timing of it all perfectly fine. The only gripe she has with him is that he likes to be up on the kitchen table when he is home alone! lol. I think he just likes to be up high so he can see out the window etc. When he is outside in the garden he also enjoys chilling on the patio table too. Very comical breed of dog. Can't help but fall instantly in love with him :)

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  • meh7, 2 years ago

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